‘Hiring a property manager guarantees more efficient, profitable and peaceful management of your rental property.’

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1.Entry into
the premises

1.Entry into the premises

  • Organization of inventory
  • Constitution of the rental guarantee
  • Verification of payment of the 1st month's rent
  • Check the insurance contract
  • Transfer of meters
  • Key handover

the lease

2.During the lease

  • Verification of payment of rent and charges
  • Annual rent indexation
  • Charge breakdown
  • Participation in the general meeting
  • Disaster management and works

3. Departure of
the tenant

3. Departure of the tenant

  • Reputation management
  • Organization of the exit inventory
  • Resuming counters
  • Final count
  • Release of rental guarantee
  • Key recovery
  • Management of refreshments and necessary work
  • Setting up searches for next tenants

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Rental management

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Upgrade Immo offers professional management of the rental of your property at a transparent rate of 8% excluding VAT of the rent. Let us take care of your rental concerns so you can focus on maximizing your return.

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Opt for total peace of mind! We take care not only of the rental management of your property, but also of the financial management, all at a competitive rate of 10% excluding VAT of the rent. Let your investment prosper while we take care of the details.

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