maximize the potential of your property
  • Optimization of spaces
  • Analysis of the potential for division and/or expansion
  • Introduction of permits if necessary
  • Complete renovation
  • Improved energy performance
  • Bounty collection

Sit back & relax 

By entrusting the renovation of your property to Upgrade Immo, you choose excellence and peace of mind. Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the renovation is taken care of. To maintain profitable and lasting results our advice is focused on profitable, durable and aesthetic choices.

RENOVE with Upgrade Immo

1. Checkup
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Visit to the property and analysis of the potential.
2. Plans and permits
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Creation of spaces and drawing up of plans and, if necessary, introduction of permits by qualified architects.
3. Energy audit
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Study and choice of energy improvements with an expert in order to meet tomorrow's standards.
4. Fittings and materials
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Creation of pleasant and comfortable housing that meets the requirements of the rental market.
5. Quantity measurement and quote
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Analysis and choice of the entrepreneur.
6. Assistance and advice.
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We support you throughout throughout your project.

Your projects, our expertise


House1.680.000 €4,02 %


ROGIER 2121.700.000 €4,30 %


Garden level580.000 €3,98 %

Our experienced team strives to transform your property with a focus on durability, style and functionality.

Renovated Dreams


12 %

+ 21% VAT

Upgrade Immo also assists you with the analysis and optimization of your real estate assets (rates on request)

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