Total amount

1.680.000 €


5.625 €

Rentabilité *

4,02 %

Project description

Investment building composed of 3 apartments with garden and terraces for which planning permission has been obtained and completely renovated.

The project consisted of reorganizing and optimizing spaces, creating terraces, modifying the roof to create dormer windows, converting the attic into living rooms, completely renovating the building to create:

– on the ground floor: a 2-bedroom apartment with terrace and garden,
– on the 1st floor: a 2-bedroom apartment with terrace,
– on the 2nd and 3rd floors: a 3-bedroom duplex with a large terrace.

Work carried out over a period of 12 months with sustainable materials: demolition of all obsolete elements and return to brick, reinforcement of floors, acoustic insulation between each dwelling, RF false ceilings, SIAMU standards respected, insulation of cellar ceilings, of the rear facade and the roof (in wood fiber), modification of the frame, new roof and creation of a dormer window, repair of the front facade, installation of new double-glazed wooden frames, independent single-flow ventilation system per accommodation (system C), new interior partitioning to create different spaces, ceilinging, painting, floor and wall coverings, electricity, plumbing, individual gas boiler, kitchens, bathroom, toilet, laundry room, creation of a large Shared bike room, private cellars and individual meters for simplified management, creation of terraces and landscaping of the garden.

PEB before works: G/G/G
PEB after works: D-/D+/D+

Collection of bonuses at the end of the project.

Rental of the building in 2 weeks!

vidéo du projet :

*Rentabilité calculée sur 12 mois de loyer tous frais inclus

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